Sunday, February 28, 2010

All your blog are belong to us...

Welcome to 'The Lost Cake'! This will be a video game news/review page I, Dylan Pritchard (*points to sidebar*), and hopefully some others will be posting on. I am the Moderator here.

I made this site because I saw EVERYONE out there creating a blog. I was like,

'Hell! I can make a blog! It will be easy! I am funny, right?'

I assume at that moment I assume people started to laugh and call names but my dream carried on! I am here to make a blog that is 100% raw and not predjudice on any game! Unless of course it is me typing the post. In which case it will be TOTALLY prejudice.

But yes. Favorite this site. I will post opinions and reviews on games here and I would really like for my typing not to go to waste.

I'm not one to beg but...please? ;A;

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