Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Awesomeness of Yoshi Safari - Yoshi Safari Review

Now, to start off the official blogging with a positive beginning, I will tell everyone about the awesomeness that is Yoshi's Safari.

First of all, this game takes place with Mario riding on the back of Yoshi. Now you may be saying that that's very normal for Mario to do, but in this game, he's on the back of yoshi, but carrying his trusty sidearm. Not the fire flower or anything like that, but a bazooka. Now, the bazooka is actually the Nintendo Super Scope, but it's still a pretty packin' gun.

Either way, the story is very bland, except that in this game, Princess Peach is not taken by Bowser, but instead a young prince of a distant kingdom known as Jewelry Land, yes, that's right, Jewelry Land. Alongside with taking the prince, Bowser and the koopa clan have also taken 12 of the kingdom's most precious Jewels.

The whole game takes place on the back of Yoshi, with you, shooting at the incoming enemies that are appearing on the screen. Every stage has a boss at the end which is usually a member of the Koopa Clan, but inside a Giant Robot. There is usually one specific place that you have to hit on them, such as when the mouth opens, or the place that connects the tentacles.
And of course, you fight bowser at the end, All you have to do is shoot at his hands, and into his mouth, and the fight is over. You restore peace to Jewelry Land and save the prince.
Now, the ratings.
On a scale from 1-5, here are the aspects of the game:
Story: 3
What else would you expect from a Mario game?
Gameplay: 4
It's a pretty fun game, I mean, the aspect of running around First Person on the back of Yoshi with a friggin' bazooka as Mario is pretty cool.
Difficulty: 2
This may just be because I was playing it on an emulator which gave me an advantage, but still, it was a very easy game.
Graphics: 4
Truthfully, the in-game graphics are very good, but they lose a point during in the cutscenes. I mean yes, It's expected, but hey! It's still a 4!
Replay value: 2
This game is very fun the first time through, but any more runs after that is pretty boring.
So, all-in-all this game recieves a 13/20; 65%; D
Now that I look back at it, even though it did not get the score I saw it getting, I still liked that hour of playing it. I find it to be an hour well spent.


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