Sunday, February 28, 2010

"If you like drumming, this is a must buy!" - Band Hero Review


The Rock Band fan boy in me tells me to hate this game. The normal teenager in me tells me that I love this game. Do I? I don't know. While I was playing this game there was so much doubt that it would be good and so much peppy-ness in the songs I couldn't concentrate.

Let's start with the review so my head can stop hurting and I can go back to playing Final Fantasy III for the DS.

Let's start off with the Graphics. What can I say about these graphics? Deja Vu. I saw these graphics in Guitar Hero 5. I mean, sure the lighting of the stages make them look more 'Pop' oriented, but still. I've heard the meaning, don't fix what ain't broke but come on! I have seen Activision do this a publisher SO MANY TIMES! Tony Hawk....Call Of Duty..what?

But I do like them for the 360. Just not enought choices of hair or clothing. And for the instruments, it was so stupid and way to complicated then it should be. The microphones you can't see clearly. Unless you choose the Gold with Diamonds microphone...which is pretty badass.

Any normal reviewer would give this display of graphics nothing lower than an I'm going to give it an 8.

Now let's move on to gameplay.

If you really want me to post an entire word for word description on how Guitar Hero works, you must be smoking something. Same exact mechanics. And for those who do not know, You can choose to use the Rock Band 2 drum kit.

The story. Jumping from setlist to setlist. Venue to venue. Not that interesting. Gets boring if you don't have a song you like. Which brings me up to the Score.

Sure this is your daily dose of pop in you average Guitar Hero game, but you gotta realize, even if you don't like the songs, people actually do. Think. This game may actually get some family members or siblings to play with you. And Party Play is a very fun option, since anyone can play whatever. Spread your addiction with these somewhat catchy songs! Hell, I have FUN singing Taylor Swift! Shut up!

So I think I covered pretty much everything about the game in a nutshell, eh?

So here is the Final Word.

If you play Rock Band or Guitar Hero, pick up this game. I got these for 30 Dollars NEW at my local BlockBuster. BUT if you haven't gotten GH5 yet, get that first. Seriously. You will feel empty. I feel this way because I haven't played it in a while.

Best thing about this game? DRUM CHARTING! While on the Rock Band Drum Kit, of course. It is new, different and fun! If you are a drummer, this is a must buy. If you like drumming, this is a must buy! I'm not saying this is O-M-G-H-A-R-D but it is just SO much fun. Honestly. All you hardcore FC top tier drummers need to chill and have some fun.

Rating: 8.0/10


  1. American Pie - Best song ever on this game

  2. Happy to get a used copy just for American Pie. I liked GH: Metallica on drums, but hated World Tour's charting, and I hate the crash on the blue for the four-drum charting. Awkward as hell.

  3. I got the demo so I could play "Paralyzer", I'm not sure what other songs are up there (I'll look up the setlist later) but if I were to buy it, it would be for that song. I just don't like the vocals engine for GH games, so I'd feel like I'd only be playing it with drums and guitar/bass.

  4. Perfect quote to sum up the drum charting:

    All you hardcore FC top tier drummers need to chill and have some fun.