Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 List of The Hardest NES Games

This will be my first blog here on some of the Most Insane NES games ever. Some will surprise you in this list others may not.

10. Ghostbusters

Most games from movies suck really big elephant testicles. This is no exception. It is a challenge of course. Main reason is as soon as you start this game it takes you to a map of the city with no explanation on what to do. Once you fiddle around you see that you have to go to the store and buy your beams. That didn't happen in the movie did it. Of course not. Then you get to go around the city when the buildings flash and drive to the location. Just dont' run out of gas or your pushing your car. The music for the game is the Ghostbusters theme throughout never changes. Gets old after a while. Then you bust ghost. I hope you have the instruction manual for controls if not, pressing B i think it is, switches characters. Its pretty easy to get the hang of. Now the hard part if once you bust enough Ghost you finally get to go to the center building. Well have fun going up the stairs and dodging the ghost. Its next to impossible. Then if you make it to the top. You have a non epic battle with Gozer while dodging ghost and beams that will kill you after a few hits. If you go down one screen, you can see Stay Puff climbing the building. Don't let him get the top or your fucked!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you die here you start all over. If you happen to actually beat this piece of a crap game, the ending is one of the worse ever. It even misspells congratulations. Good use of Engrish to rush out the game and not translate it. I would rather get a prostate exam than play this game again.

9. Batman

Not all of these will be based on movies. This actually is a great game. It has some great music for the NES at the time. It seems to have its own story from the movie, which there really isn't much of one. Its a classic platform game with a twist. You get to go left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Most games out that were platforms, you only could scroll the screen right. This one you can go Up, Down, Left, Right. This also introduced the art of wall jumping. I am aware that Ninja Giaden had similar wall jumping. But this is way more the standard. You go through each of the levels and fight a boss. You also get 3 sub weapons. You can actually beat this game with only your fist though. Its a challenge. The first 3 levels are cake. One note though on the second boss. If you try to use a weapon you get shot at. You have to use your fist. You get all the way to a not so epic battle with the Joker. Easy battle considering all the hard crap you went through to get here. There are some quotes out of the movie in the still cut scenes as well. Over all this game is a must for any retro gamer. Myself, I play this game once every few months. Its really that good. One of the best hard games that was out on the NES.

8. Final Fantasy

This game is the definition of RPG. Unlike other games that was out at the time, you could go through this game without any outside help. Every hint is available to find. You start out getting to name your 4 characters. Plus you get to choose their type. If i remember correctly, its Fighter, Ninja, Thief. Then 3 Mages, black, red, and white. The difference in the mages is the magic you get to use. Black is more attacking magic, white is more defensive, and red gives you a bit of both, However, you cant use all black and white with a Red Mage. Very detailed for an NES game. As you go from town to town, doing various task you acquire experience points, and items that are essential for completing the game. You get a pirate ship, and then later an airship. Which lets you go everywhere in the game possible. This isn't a walkthrough so i won't give any hints, but you need the airship to complete the game. Lots of playing time as well for the first time gamer. Most NES games didn't take several hours to complete, this one did at first. The final battle is an EPIC showdown. Its not too hard though. Thats why this game is listed number 8.

I will finish this review in a new blog, cause nothing is saving.??????

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