Monday, March 1, 2010

Lets Play The Saboteur with Dub

Playlist for the Lets Play

After many tests and even the addition of a new computer a project that Ive been wanting to do for awhile is started. A Lets Play is a playthrough of a game (usually a blind playthrough) with live commentary. I wanted to play The Saboteur so I thought I should do a Lets Play of it. The entire Lets Play will be done in HD and will have about 5 new videos a day (hopefully). Hope you enjoyed and subscribe to my channel for other updates.

Playlist consists of 5 videos as of this post.


  1. I have heard mixed stuff about this game. Seems fun but I don't know. I don't own a PS3...I wish I did.

    And watching your video, I was like, 'lolboobs' too. :P

  2. its on 360 so you can play it. I am actually playing it on a 360 :P

  3. Really? Cool! :3

    I will probably rent it.