Monday, March 1, 2010

The Top 10 Most ANNOYING Video Game Characters

Ah, yes. Video Games. Sometimes they bore the greatest, most liked, most influential characters. They are characters who we think of when we play other video games. Characters we think about in our dreams. Ones that we look back on as a high point in our video game careers.

Okay. Maybe I was a bit over the top but still, you get it. A video game character can probably make or break a game. You don't want to be playing as a complete douche or whiney five year old the entire game. No. And you don't want to be encountered by these characters either. Imagine being pestered by a character every five seconds saying, 'HEY! LISTEN!'

I had to.

So let's start this list, shall we? And just to get things straight, this is only MY opinion. Not anyone elses on my writers list.

Number 10? How about Funky Kong?

Yeah, sure he was badass in my childhood, but still. He is so loud and annoying. Plus the way he says, 'HEY MAN!' Wants me to imitate it SOOO badly. And most of the times I do. Plus he makes such odd sounds when he jumps. Once again, making me want to imitate him...badly.

So where is this going to next, you ask? How about we ask Leon?

Ah, Ashley Graham. Sure, she may be hot at times, and the continuous upskirts you get of her make the extremely long, yet fun game of Resident Evil 4 more....enjoyable (AKWARD! :D), but after her getting captured by every freaking enemy there is in the game and every time you hear, 'LEEEEOOONNNN!', you will want to take that pistol and put it in your brain. Did you know there is a bottle cap collectable that talks in the game, and you can hear her yell that over and over and still got that pistol, bro...?

Enjoying this yet? NO PLEASE DON'T LEAVE! You will love number 8!

Chip from Sonic Unleashed. Chip....well, we aren't sure what he is, but he is pretty annoying. I mean, sure, he is cute, but STILL. Chip is that cute and loving stray animal, you find out can talk and you take home with you. Then you get him in your house and it turns into a movie where you are trying to get him to that a movie? I'm sure it is. If anyone can think of a move like that, please tell me below in the comments.

What? I should be on this list? Oh, silly reader, I am not a video game character. Although James over there is very animated so he may be considered one.

*stares at JimmyGrimbleRB*

Alright, where was I? Oh yes. Number 7. A very good number, yes? No.

Sonic from Super Smash Bros Brawl! Yeah, way to make a fucking late enterance you bastard! I hope just for that they spawn a whole internet meme off of your taunt, making you the most made fun of character in the history of video games! Oh? They already did? My bad. You still are very gay sonic. It's a shame I loved your older video games so you didn't bring me this much disapointment.

Now at this point you may disagree with some, but still. These are my opinions and the thoughts that are on my mind at the time. Now let's move on...

LET ME GET THROUGH THIS CAVE! I DON'T WANT TO BATTLE YOU FOR THE LAST TIME! LET ME ESCAPE! GOD DAMMIT! /Rage Quits/ Anyone who has played through Pokemon has encountered this one. Golbat. Evolved forme of Zubat. These things are a bitch.

We are getting somewhere, right? Ugh. You are probably only looking at the pictures. Oh well.

Props to Hyliaman for making this! Look him up on Deviantart. So yes. Slippy is, like, what? Seven? I mean, in Japan this isn't crazy to see a frog flying a laser shooting plane but still. The reason why Slippy is on this list is because he annoys you to the point where you are yelling at the screen to shut up. Facepalm moment soon to occur once you find out he isn't listening....give that about a minute or two.

Hey! We're almost done. The two of you who are reading this are great people. Now, on to number 3.

Ummm...hello? I am trying to have an adventure here? SHUT THE HELL UP! Navi from Legend of Zelda, everybody! If you don't know who he is, just search 'navi hey listen' on Google. Yes, that is a search result.

Oh look! The other person just walked away. Well buddy, it's just you and me. You ready for number two?


I'm sorry I turned the Game Cube off! Really! My mom was yelling at me to turn it off because we had to go to dinner! Yeah, Resetti earns pretty high on my list. Especially since I logged enough Animal Crossing in my younger days...well...younger days. What made this funny is that there was a rumor going around that you could KILL Resetti if you reset the game enough. It was fake. So if that one time your mom told you to turn your game off, you may never want to play again...EVER!

So who is the final and most annoying character on my list? Well, this is after playing Mario Kart all of today. This character is non other than...BLUE BOWSER!

Who is Blue Bowser? Does this look familiar?

Yeah! It's bullshit that these things hit you when you are in first! BULLSHIT! So this one is for you Mr. Blue Koopa King. You and your fucking radio active shells and your bullshit causing me to go from 1st to 8th! Go die in a fire! No...wait....Dry Bowser! AHHH!


  1. I'd have to say Amy. She's been trailing after Sonic for... who knows how long.

    And Cream. And Big. DEFINITELY Big. Pretty much everyone from Team Rose.

  2. Amy is my favorite character on the Mario and Sonic Olympic series AND SA2B. She is awesome. ^-^

  3. Even worse; DRY BLUE BOWSER! AAAAAH!

    Either way, good list. I am quite angry that you put funky kong on the list. I mean, yeah, I understand why, but who else is going to supply you with your guns in Donkey kong 64? Candy Kong?

  4. He WAS badass in my childhood yes. He remains badass today. But weapon selling monkey or not, he is still annoying....EVEN in Mario Kart Wii. Which I have been playing a lot. :)

  5. I'll have you know that my notification on my phone (for emails and texts) is actually Navi saying "LISTEN!".. sometimes I change it to "Look!" or "Hey!". My husband hates it but I love it LOL.
    I'll admit though when I played the game and she would bug me with something I didn't care about it would annoy the hell out of me.