Monday, March 15, 2010

Megaman X

No, not Megaman X, but Megaman 10 (X=10 in roman)!

Now first of all, I would like to say that this game is AWESOME! I just beat it today, and the final boss is no letdown.

Alrighty, let's do this.

The game starts out with your usual megaman intro, in the meaning of "In the year 20XX, everyone is at peace, until suddenly... But this game centers around a strange disease that only affects robots, known as Roboenza (influenza, roboenza, get the pun? Ha...ha...?) which, at first, is just a robo-fever, but in the later affects of the disease, it makes robot go crazy and want to take over the world! Fairly soon after the breakout of this virus, Megaman's sister, Roll, comes down with the symptoms of it. During all of this nonsense, Megaman's arch nemesis, Dr. Wily, makes a crash landing in his UFO right in front of Dr. Light's lab. He says his robots have been malfunctioning due to the virus but can't do anything about it even though he has a prototype cure. Why is that? Because some of the robots have stolen the pieces to it. SO you have to go and find them yourself.

Are you lost? then watch this

So, just like in every megaman game (except for the first), there are 8 robot masters that you have to defeat. This one has a lot of variety in it, ranging from an electrically charged sheep, to a guy with a miniature sun on top of his head. If you want to know them, the names are as follows:

Sheep man
Pump man
Solar man
Chill man
Nitro man
Commando man
Blade man
Strike man

Each one has his own unique ability for Megaman.
-Sheep man allows megaman to shoot out thunder clouds that flies up into the air and shoots a lightning bolt directly below it.
-Pump man creates a shield of bubbles to protect you from attacks. When the shoot button is pressed again, the shield expands off the screen, damaging anything it hits.
-Solar man allows you to shoot out a firey orb that stops and shoots two crescents of fire from each side of it horizontally.
-Chill man can make you shoot out a glob of, I guess, partially frozen ice that creates spikes for your enemies to get damaged on when it hits the ground.
-Nitro man allows you to shoot out a bladed saw that rides along the floor and up the wall. It can be held out in front of you, and if you approach a wall like this, it will carry you up it.
-Commando man can allow you to shoot out directional bombs that expload on impact and create a shockwave that goes for four spaces each way.
-Blade man's abillity causes you to shout out three kinves at the same time. Angles of the knives depend on if you are jumping or not.
And finally,
-Strike man's ability allows you to shoot out a ball that bounces around walls. 'Nuff said.
*****************SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!*****************
Spoiler alert! if you do not want to ruin this for yourself, then go down to the next "*SPOILER ALERT*" sign.
So when you have beaten all 8 robot masters, Megaman comes down with a serious case of Roboenza. Roll, being the kind and generous robot that she is, gives Megaman one of her daily doses of her vaccine. It seems that the perpetrator behind the roboenza virus is none other than Dr. Wily. He says that he will give any robot the vaccine if they join him and his army in taking over the world.
So then, Megaman Shoves off to Dr. Wily's fortress to defeat him once and for all.
Once Megaman has defeated Wily, it seems that the Doctor has gotten sick. Megaman, being the kind, generous, and naive robot that he is, rushes him to the hospital. form there, he gets away, but leaves behind enough vaccine to go around.
*****************SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!*****************

The end.

Now, for the ratings.

Story: 4/5
Meh, it could be better. The idea was good, but it was a bit tacky.
Gameplay: 5/5
Being the hardcore megaman gamer that I am, I had no prblem whatsoever with the controls, seeing how they stayed as true and blue as the Blue Bomber himself.
Difficulty: 5/5
HARD! but a fun hard, if you know what I'm saying. I still have to play it on hard difficulty, but for now, it's still a 5/5.
Graphics: 5/5
No change from the original. True and blue, just how it's meant to be.
Replay Value: 5/5

so, all-in-all, this game recieves a 24/25; 96%; A
Now that I look back at it, I'm sad that it didn't get a full 100%, but that story line isn't the best. Oh well.

That concludes this review.

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