Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Welcome Back to The Saboteur

Playlist for the Lets Play

This set of two videos should have been more but i failed a few times in the time that i play so i decided to edit my failings out. That left me with about 30mins of footage. You are probably saying to yourself "Wouldn't that mean you should have 3 videos?" usually you would be right. But a rendering mistake on my part left me with an 11 min video. Which you might know are not allowed on youtube. So i have to re-render the video out tomorrow and then post the two new videos. Good news is that there will be videos tomorrow. Bad news is it will only be two.

Playlist consists of 13 videos as of this post.


  1. Lol. Love the names you pick. LOL

  2. for the videos or the blog posts

  3. ya it takes some thought. Also i have no idea what is in each video until i watch it for my self :P