Monday, March 1, 2010

KayLove Reporting In!

Hellow internet!
I am KayLove, Bleebs's older sister! It's kind of interesting being on a game blog, seeing that I don't play many games, but oh well. I can talk games just as good as any hardcore gamer, and at times even better. I account this to watching games, from my brother to my ex-boyfriend to both of their friends. You can actually learn a lot from watching people play games.
Because of this unique view, I'm most likely going to contribute a very different kind of game review- the Spectator review. Instead of reviewing playability, I will analyze a game's WATCHability.
Another thing I would love to do is Soundtrack analysis. I will do these every once in a while, mostly when the soundtrack of a game is especially good.
Expect posts every Sunday, since that is the only day I have no school.


  1. Wow, that's actually a cool way of reviewing a video game. Never thought of it o.o. Good luck! =D

  2. That's an interesting view actually, I look forward to reading them!