Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Thoughts On Final Fantasy 13 so far

Okay the rest of my top 10 will have to go on hold for a bit. This is much bigger. Okay, as some of you know i am a FF nut. I luv them lots. Well tonight i finally got to start on 13. Done with the first chapter. This story is so hard to follow really. Lots of jumps from one group to the next. I won't go into detail cause i dont' want to spoil anything.

This game does go back to the roots of the series with the turn based battle system. Random encounters are no more though. You get to see your foes then they charge and a traditional battle takes place. They are really really simple at the start. As of the first chapter, you only get to control the leader of the group only. So its got a different feel as others. Battles tend to go very quick. One plus so far is that the loading times are very fast. You don't have to wait long. I know there will be lots more of things do go over in this game. I read the intro to the guide and the booklet with the game, so it told me lots of things. The graphics are amazing by the way. Very well done on the PS3. I dont' know how the 360 looks but ive heard its great.

Now my flaws with the game. The dialog between characters can be confusing. The names of things are not clear at all. I can't even spell have the stuff or know what a Fal'ci is. They keep talking about it, its it an item or a place. I am sure if i read more into the booklets it would tell me. I dont' want to read to far, so i am just going with what the games gives. In the first chapter, the map is very linear just walking a straight line. It does more at the start of the second chapter but that will be a different blog. The names of the characters are very abstract as usual. But from what the story seems so far, it really reminds me of a classic rebellion story. Hasn't this been done before in the series?????? I think so. FF 7 started out as one, and so did 12 in a sense. Id figure they would have something more in mind. I won't give up though, i will hopefully get some answers as I go through chapter 2 and onward.

Is this game worth getting if you are a die hard fan, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1337 times over.
Is this game worth getting if you are a casual gamer, not really. You would be bored quick. This game just hasn't grabbed my attention like i thought it would.

The lead character Lightning really reminds me of an ex-SOLDIER from another FF game. lol

Other parts will come as i pass chapters.

Peace out from The1andonlybigh.

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