Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Unnecessary Blogger: Anex

I figured it couldn't hurt to at least introduce myself as the other bloggers here have done, rather than just bombarding you with blogs from "that Anex person".

So here I am, introducing away.. as you may have already guessed my name is Anex. No, it doesn't mean anything.. it's just a name that I have had since I was 13 in regards to my online escapades that came from a dream where this was my name (long story, maybe one day I'll share).

A 25 year old girl gamer, I'm a member of the world renowned PMS clan since 2005 and in the Rhythm Game division as an expert vocalist for Rock Band. I'm also a member and assistant general manager of the sponsored Rock Band team, Team Cena. I've been gaming since I had a Nintendo Entertainment System.. my first "FPS" was Duck Hunt. I've played many games over the years and nowadays have focused myself a bit more on certain genres.

I currently run my own blog called Unnecessary Blogage  (my personal gaming blog) which tends to be a bit more sporadic and varied than what I will be bringing here to The Lost Cake.

You can expect blogs from me about my gaming adventures mainly in regards to World of Warcraft and Rock Band as this is where I mainly focus myself. That doesn't mean you won't find things outside of those games as I do play other games on the side even if I don't invest myself as fully in them. I generally will write pretty soon after playing to keep the emotion I had during the experience in my writing, which means my entries can be VERY silly or really angry depending on how I felt. I do also have a tendency to use some mild language and will try to forewarn ahead of time in case some readers are a bit more sensitive to it.

I hope you will enjoy my contributions to The Lost Cake! ^^


  1. I totally was not reading that the entire time you were editing that. ;)