Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Final Fantasy 13 thoughts on chapters 2 through 4

Okay, I woke up today and decided to start the second chapter. I was disappointed with the first one. I am glad i kept going. Things are starting to make sense. This story is okay so far. What i have gathered so far as to keep from mentioning spoilers. Your world is Cacoon. A world of peace, then a world below called Pulse, is like a hell from what is being told in the game. Pulse has invaded, and anyone that has been in contact with the Pulse Fal'ci (which i am still not to clear on what one is, i think its a type of person) is being sent to Pulse. That is what is being told anyway. Cacoon is "Purging" everyone into exile to Pulse. In reality its more like an extermination of the people. Then people rebel. Okay, i will stop there on the plot, but here are some things i have noticed.

Lighting is an ex soldier from the "Army" of Cacoon. Doesn't talk much at all, keeps her past secret. That sounds alot like Cloud from FF7. She also kind of has the personality of Yuna from FFX. Then you have Snow. Who is a cocky wannabe "hero" as he calls himself. Sort of reminds me of Zell from FF8. Then you have Vanille, she is a cheerful kid who is always looking at the positivity in everything. She seems like Riku alot. Next you have the most annoying person every in a FF game. Hope. He is a young kid, whos mother gets killed in chapter one while trying to help Snow out. He blames Snow for his mothers death, but doesn't have the guts to tell him once they accidentally meet up. Hope is annoying cause of the fact he grunts and whines constantly and is overly timid, but when its time to fight, he goes all out, then becomes a whinny baby once again. Final Fantasy 13 isnt' without the token black guy. Sazh. Full of worry and doubt about things and only thinks a certain way from what it seems so far. Like Wakka from FFX about the Al-Bed. Any Pulse Fal'ci is evil to him. Then wait.......well i won't spoil that for anyone who actually reads my blogs anway.

The battle system is getting more complex as in stuff to do, but really easy to understand. Does that make sense? No it doesn't, lol. Trust me on that once you play the game. There are tutorials for all new battle options as they come available. One more thing that seems like they took more ideas from past games is the Crystaliam. I probably spelled it wrong but i dont' feel like walking back to the couch to check, lol. Its almost identical to the Idea of the Sphere Grid on FFX. One amazing thing is though, after every battle, your health is restored to full. Thats very handy. No EX points to get you use that to level up. You do get CP (crystal points) after battles. The average battle takes no more than 30 seconds. The longest one was about 2 minutes so far.

Well that should keep you all informed on this game. I am getting more impressed with it as i play it. But its very predictable so far.

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