Monday, March 1, 2010

Party Time! Excellent! - Wayne's World Review

As everyone knows, usually when videogames are based of of movies, about 7/8 of them are horrible. This game is no exception to that. I am, of course, talking about Wayne's World for the Super Nintendo.

The whole story is about the main characters, Wayne and Garth, getting sucked into a video game while at an arcade (now, that seems very cliche, doesn't it?). But what makes up for it is the "amazing" (note the quotes) intro cutscene. Just watch it, and you'll get the idea.

Now, when the game starts, you are playing as Wayne. The graphic in this game are outrageously hilarious. I mean, just look at the picture below.

our hero, Wayne
So, as I was saying, you run around as Wayne, with your only weapon being a Guitar that, get this straight, shoots shockwaves out of it whenever he strums. Yes, very cheesy. You go against baddies such as evil bagpipes, trombones, and drum cymbals.
...and that's about it...
...It's just so bad I can't really say much about it...
...With such a bland storyline that really does not have anything interesting...
Now, on to the ratings (oh boy, this will be fun).
story: 1
Cliched soooooo many times. 'nuff said.
gameplay: 2
Contols are simple. A little too simple for my taste.
Difficulty: 2
Not hard, but confusing. I can't pinpoint any true difficulty. That's why it's so low.
Graphics: 3
Truthfully, the actual sprite GFX are absolutely horrid, but the stage GFX themselves are quite nice, but still only good enough for a 3.
Replay value: 2
I would not really want to replay this game unless you put a gun to my head, or if I am just that bored.
All-in-all, this game gets a 10/25; 40%; F that I look back at it, I am not amazed one bit.
And that concludes today's video game review.

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